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...“Cyber-crime,” which refers to any criminal activity committed with the aid of or in the arena of the Internet and similar telecommunications, is both a new incarnation of old crimes through a new medium, and a unique entity all its own. It differs from physical crime in four ways. It is easy to commit, requiring minimal resources for great potential damage, being committable in a jurisdiction in which the perpetrator is not physically present, and often, not being entirely clearly illegal. A cyber crime that was committed recently is the “Gozi” virus that infected a million computers including NASA computers and bank computers. The Gozi virus is also known as a Trojan. It infiltrated businesses the way a wooden horse rolled into Troy. The wooden horses, in this case, are the employees of businesses who click on suspicious links in an e-mail, or fail to recognize a phony banking website when they see one. The virus and other malicious software infected individuals' and businesses' computers, and then stole log-in information for online banking and other accounts. One program even imitated a bank's website, tricking users into giving away their PINs and personal information, such as their mothers' maiden names. The worms and viruses released in the twenty first century posses a higher impact in terms of financial damage and loss of productivity. Today’s sophisticated attacks posses a greater damage potential. Hackers are no longer enthusiastic, cyber......

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...Research Paper – Cyber Security From the growing use of smart phones to access the Internet to rogue employees in the workplace, the threat of cyber terrorism is increasingly on the minds of C-suite executives. At a recent conference sponsored by the Raritan Valley Community College Foundation, security experts addressed the threats, the exposures and the legal issues and best practices to bolster cyber defenses. Virginia Bauer, CEO of East Rutherford-based security company GTBM, explained that many people, like herself, first became familiar with security threats on 9-11(Bauer's husband was killed in the attacks and she has since been a 9-11 families advocate). "To combat the threat, better private and public partnerships are needed to develop solutions, something the 9-11 Commission recommended," she explained. GTBM's main product is Info-Corp(TM), a system that conducts real-time identification checks, scanning local, state, and federal National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases, the Federal Terrorist Screening Watch List and all 50 states' motor vehicle databases. The identification checks are important to companies because the biggest cyber threat to businesses can be its employees. "Most cyber attacks happen internally," Bauer said. "The people who can be the most threatening to you are sitting in your offices, or are your consultants and vendors." Govi Rao, chairman of the New Jersey Technology Council and president and CEO of Noveda Technologies (a......

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...internet is cyber crime. which is an illegal activity that committed on the internet and this includes email espionage, credit card fraud, spam’s, software piracy download illegal music, steal money from online bank account and so on .It also includes non monetary offenses such as creating and distributing viruses on other computers and posting confidential business information on the internet. Basically cyber crime can be divided into three major categories such as cyber crime against person, cyber crime against property and cyber crime against government. Cyber crime against person includes various crimes like transmission of child pornography, indecent exposure, harassment of any one with the use of email or websites where the asked to enter password, phone number, address, credit card number, bank account number and other information that are needed to steal another parson's identity .furthermore, these type of harassment can be sexual, racial, religious, on gender, nationality or other. These often occur in chat rooms, through news groups and by sending hate emails to interested parties. And badly affect to the younger generation which sometimes leave irreparable injury if not properly controlled. The second category of cyber crime committed against all forms of property including computer vandalism which distraction of others property, transmission of harmful program, stole the technical data base from other person's computer with the help of a corporate cyber......

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...DeVry University Alhambra, California Cyber Security Systems By Alvin Canlas (D01621385) Hernando De Leon (D40160634) Arees Dikranian (D01501086) Edward Huron (D01298546) Sandry Kho (D40246297) Chirag Patel (D40152599) Maria Ramirez (D01636860) Jaime Solorzano (D40201380) Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements for MGMT 404 Project Management Dr. John Lindem October 15, 2014 Executive Summary Information Technology continues to change at a rapid pace. These changes greatly affect the world we live in. Corporate giants such as Target, Home Depot, and Apple have been recent targets of cyber-attacks. To protect customer date we have to constantly adapt to the different style of attacks and adjust to their business technology policies. At Cyber Security Systems (CSS) it is our mission to maintain the continuity of these vital services and preserve the public’s trust in our information systems. In addition, it requires new levels of communication and cooperation among the public and private sector, corporate agencies and departments. Furthermore, it involves protecting our critical infrastructures from intrusion or attack as well as using the infrastructure as a tool with which law-enforcement agencies can gather, analyze and disseminate information. This business plan will provide a vision, purpose, mission and goals for technology at Cyber Security Systems. In addition, it also includes the current organization of......

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...Cyber Crimes Cyber crimes are on some of the hardest crimes for the police to stop and catch the perpetrators because they can commit a crime in one state or country and physically be in another state or country. While the invention of the Internet has had great affects on the growth of technology, it has also given criminals an extremely large place to hide in and the laws are still trying to catch up with the growth of technology. The different technology crimes that occur fall into one of the three following categories: cyber piracy, cyber trespass, and cyber vandalism, and like the original crimes of piracy, trespass, and vandalism these crimes are similar except they happen in digital form. Three Categories of Cybercrime There are three categories of cybercrimes that can cause a lot of trouble for any individual or organization who becomes a victim of these crimes. Cyber piracy, trespass, and vandalism in some ways are similar because they all involve taking advantage of individual people or organizations by stealing personal information through digital techniques. 1. Cyber piracy Cyber piracy has two definitions; the first definition is when a person uses cyber technology unlawfully to produce copies of proprietary information. While the second definition is when a person uses cyber technology to distribute proprietary information, while it is in digital form, across networks. 2. Cyber trespass Cyber trespass has two definitions as well. The first......

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... Name: Institution: Course: Date: Cyber Terrorism Cyber terrorism vs. Physical terrorism In cases where there are the occurrences of both physical terrorism and cyber terrorism, the people behind it carry out their attacks outside the bounds of conventional warfare. In other words, the terrorists carry out attacks in areas that are not ordinarily considered as battlefields as well as on people not normally considered as military personnel. For example, the attacks may entail an individual dressed as a civilian blowing himself up in a packed place or people dressed like civilians hijacking commercial airplanes and flying them to civilian targets like the World Trade Centre. Physical terrorism differs from cyber terrorism in the sense that the later primarily entails carrying out attacks against information found in computers while the former involves an attack against civilians. Those individuals, who dress up as civilians and blow up themselves in a crowded area like a bus constitutes physical terrorism since the attacks aims at destroying human life. Most likely, cyber terrorists use computers or other similar devices to carry out attacks on information found on computers. Cyber terrorism will have more impact than physical terrorism. The main aim of physical terrorism is to cause loss of life whereas cyber terrorism may entail hacking into a country’s critical infrastructure with the sole purpose of causing great harm such as significant damage on the economy or......

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...TITLE: WHAT IS CYBER CRIME? WHAT IS CYBER CRIME? Crime is a common word that we always heard in this globalization era. Crimes refer to any violation of law or the commission of an act forbidden by law. Crime and criminality have been associated with man since long time ago. There are different strategies practices by different countries to contend with crime. It is depending on their extent and nature. It can be concluded that a nation with high index of crime cases cannot grow or develop well. This is because crime is the direct opposite of development. It can contribute to negative impact in term of social and economic development. Cyber crime is a new type of crime that occurs in this Science and Technology years. There are a lot of definitions for cyber crime. According to cyber crime also known as computer crime that refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network. Cyber crime is defined as crimes committed on the internet using the computer as either a tool or a targeted victim. Besides that cyber crime can be defined as crimes committed on the internet using the computer as either a tool or a targeted victim (Joseph A E, 2006). Computer can be considers as a tool in cyber crime when the individual is the main target of cyber crime. But computer can be considers as target when the crime is directed to the computer. In addition, cyber crime also includes traditional crimes that been conducted with the access of Internet. For example hate......

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...advancements and the information technologies used operate the critical infrastructure that feeds the heart of the U.S. economic and people. However, these advancements have also enable a wide range of malicious activities, such as crime, espionage and terrorism. The U.S. and it’s partners are grappling with a number of complex cybersecurity issues ranging from the proper role of government in protecting U.S. intellectual property to the establishment of the global norms for Internet governance. This paper will discuss two emerging technologies, smart and bionics, and will examine the security challenges and cyber threats associated with them. It will outline how these emerging technologies are used by private and government organizations. Dived further into some of the prominent cybersecurity policies and legal implications that might be associated the use of them. Emerging Cyber Technologies There is some much hype about smart technologies such as smart phones; cars and power grids as the technology has proven to be able to move data that is in rest transmit it over the Internet from almost anywhere. Most of the population has become technology-happy these days. Some pore over rumors and specs on technology websites, some even stand in line for days waiting to get their hands on the newest gadgets. Our world has moved from anticipating the new technologies to now demanding it. Most consumers are ill informed when it comes to understanding the number of......

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...Introduction Cyber security refers to the practices and processes that are used in technologies such as networks, computers, information and programs from damages by unwarranted entities (Ahmad, Yunos & Sahib, 2012). There are different attacks towards technology which may distort information or be used to create tension in an organization. Information stored in computers has some level of privacy and this depends on the level of sensitivity that such information may have towards that organization. Business strategies, political discussions and government documents are some of the documents that require a higher degree of privacy. However, there are individuals who cause deliberate attacks on the information systems of organizations and governments in order to unlawfully access information or distort the meaning of such data. The intention of cyber attacks has led to the classification of these attacks into particular classes. For example, we have cyber bullying and cyber terrorism. Under cyber bullying, the attackers use technology to abuse and intimidate their targets. Cyber bullying has been common through the presence of the social media where an individual will use pseudo-accounts to publish half truths about others with a bid to embarrass them. On the other hand, cyber terrorism involves the use of technology to access vital government sites in order to cause harm and fear in the society through terrorism activities. Brunst (2010) indicates that cyber terrorist......

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...CYBER SECURITY INTRODUCTION It is also known as “Computer Security or IT security”. It is applied to the security of computer, computer network and the data stored and transmitted over them. Today the computer system are used in wide variety of “smart devices, including Smartphone’s,  televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things, and networks include not only the Internet and private data networks, but also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other networks. Computer security covers all the processes and mechanisms by which digital equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction and the process of applying security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data both in transit and at rest. There are the various elements of the cyber security which are as: 1. Application Security 2. Information Security 3. Network Security 4. Mobile Security 5. Internet Security 6. Cyberwarfare One of the most problematic elements of cybersecurity is the quickly and constantly evolving nature of security risks. The traditional approach has been to focus most resources on the most crucial system components and protect against the biggest known threats, which necessitated leaving some less important system components undefended and some less dangerous risks not protected. "The threat is advancing quicker than we can keep up with it. The threat changes faster than our idea of the risk. It's no......

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... CYBER WARFARE Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation CYBER WARFARE Cyber warfare is also commonly referred to as the cyber attack. It involves both the attacks and the counter cyber warfare. By definition, it is an intentional breaching of a person’s or community computer system with an intended to fraud money or steal knowledge from the system. Therefore, it involves manipulation of the computer systems, disabling or to wipe out the aggregate information contained in the system of equipment. It has thus been a stern challenge in the economic and national and the world security. As thus, it has become a primary concern for all business people protecting their ideas not to be leaked, in the military due to the protection of national security and also by the government which has to keep it a secret of all what is happening within it. The issue of the cyber attacks has not been one event but something that has occurred over time as a result of inventions and innovations by the governments and security agencies. It was triggered by the need to safeguard one's interests and at the same time keep secrets that if they leak the competitors or the enemies can use them against you. One of the periods that can be credited to giving birth to the period of developments that led to cyber attacks is 1918 all the way to 1939 whereby there was increased military revolution. One of these......

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