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Assessment activity 2A
My role Warbucks requires a huge variety of skill I have to be a strong and confident singer as well as being quite a good dancer. When acting as Warbucks you need to constantly hold yourself with confidence and to stand strong, your facial expressions have to always go with his mood which can change very quickly. Warbucks has many sides to his character and if I want to portray him right then I’ll have to master all sides to him. I will have to master the skill of gesturing as Warbucks wold using gestures and movement to convey how Warbucks’ is feeling and thinking. I also need to use the skill of being able to acting in certain ways to different people like the care and affection showed towards Annie or the authority and demanding manner towards Rooster. Also I have to be able to lead every scene that I am in. he has to seem in control at all times. I will have to be self-assured in everything that I do. When I am singing and dancing I still have masculine and powerful to maintain the view that he is in charge of all things he’s involved in.
The balance for my character of Acting, Singing and Dancing is pretty even with slightly more acting that the rest of the things I have to do. My character often has long speeches that describe something important like his past or something he cares about and any songs he is in he has large parts with lots of lyrics he has a swinging type voice that reminds me of Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra I have also studied videos of Sinatra dancing and have decided that, the way he dances is what I think Warbucks will dance like. Most of the songs Warbucks is in he has a dance to go with it. As one of the leading roles whatever actor is playing Warbucks must be able to perform in all three of these areas. I believe that the acting is the most important for this character as I have to mostly act while portraying…...

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