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Dell Website Review:

Features of Dell Website

Visualization & Design

Along with the modern and aesthetics style, features a clean and simple user interface that increase visual appeal in the site. There is also good blend of color, fonts and text that enhance users viewing experiences. Additionally, the product images have proper quality and resolutions. Moreover, the site title and logo is clear and well pin-posted in There are slide images in the Dell homepage to inform users about the latest products, events and deals of company. The slide animation is simple and not making users feel uncomfortable about the special effects.

Functionality & Usability is fast loading without tradeoff the graphic quality as product images are shown in high resolutions. Furthermore, there are a number of functional features within the site. For example, Dell’s site search engine is considered as the vital feature which enables users navigate directly to the items they want to find. The filter selection can save users time to browse by selecting certain specifications of Dell’s products. Additionally, “My Account” features also enable users to check the order history, order status and other personalized features for specific orders.


As known that Dell is targeting at the public and enterprise users who need various product information. A consistent and proper content is essential for them to make buying decision. As shown in above figure, all the information of each models of laptops are properly labeled with clear description in consistent layout. also contain rich and updated information to provide users with more insights about the product features. For instance, the product review video showed the advantages of Dell latest products.


There are several proofs show that the navigation of…...

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