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Developmental psychology
Infancy and Childhood
Physical development
During early childhood stage, infants begin to drop their roundish baby like display. Their bones grow more proportionate with the lengthening of their legs and arms. They start to obtain fine motor skills. The newfound skills enable them to grip a pencil in a more functional way. This is a good time to provide them with puzzles and blocks, as well as to supervise them while they use paper and scissors as objects (Stern 245). Although it is normal for boys than girls to be more physically active, they will acquire more control over their motor skills allowing for the advancement of new activities such as swinging, jumping, running, and climbing. Children will start to change themselves away from taking a daily nap, but it is vital to give periods to rest.
Cognitive development
According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development; the first being the sensory motor stage, It is considered to extend from birth to the age of two years. The development of reflexes, motor abilities as well as senses is rapid. Throughout the initial development stages, infants only perceive and interact with their immediate surrounding through their actions and observations. The preoperational stage stretches from the age of two to seven where the child is not yet able to think logically.
With the acquisition of language, the child can express to the world via mental images and symbols. The third stage is the concrete operational stage that extends from ages 7 to 11, and it is throughout this limelight that a child can successively operate mentally. Mental operations are internal actions that allow children to think physically. Coincidence marks the end of Piaget’s stages.
Emotional development
This is the stage when infants start to feel emotions, such as knowing a familiar, caring…...

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