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African Americans and their involvement in Olympic Swimming;
Why are there so few African American swimmers?
Marcos Mendez
Georgia Southern University

This paper explores the phenomena that we see in Olympic Swimming. Whites dominate this sport and African Americans hardly ever participate in this sport. This research paper explores why that is, by examining numerous sources. These sources were obtained using the internet. From the research conducted, their seem to be varying answers to this question. However the main ones are genetics and socioeconomic factors. Consequently, the genetic research is not a direct correlation to why African Americans don’t participate in swimming. Genetics only points out that differences in muscle composition, bone density, and buoyancy have some effect on a person’s ability to swim. The major cause for this goes into the past to segregation and economics.

History of Olympic Swimming Swimming was learnt by prehistoric people in order to cross bodies of water. This can be proved in ancient egyptian paintings( 2011 Olympic. Org). Swimming did not truly become an organized sport until the early 19th century when British swimming clubs began to hold competitions. Swimming was added to the Olympic in 1896.
History of African American Swimming Now lets look at African swimming. In 1451 when Europeans began exploring Africa. Europeans regarded Africans as “ The best swimmers in the world.” They attributed these swimming skills to constant exercise and “ From being brought up from infancy to swim like fishes ( 2010 Black Swimming hall of fame).” African slaves played crucial roles in cities all around the world. Cities such as Havana, Veracruz, and Cartagena (2010 Black Swimming Hall of Fame). Many of the slaves in these cities were used as divers who retrieved sunken treasure and precious items. However many slave…...

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