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Dietary Analysis Assignment
Due Date: Thursday, August 13th
In Class (no emails accepted/no exceptions)
Introduction: Your Diet Analysis Assignment is worth 100 points so you will want to complete it successfully. Using the Super Tracker at you will complete the analysis phase of this assignment. The website will allow you to print a
Nutrient Report and Activity Report which you will then use to complete the assignment.
You will need to carefully study the results of the analysis in order to answer the assignment questions regarding your diet. Follow the directions below for each part of the assignment. If you have made an arrangement with the Instructor to use different software please discuss the report with Instructor so you are not missing any component of the analysis.
IMPORTANT: Please enclose your assignment in a report cover and include a cover page with your name, Course: Nutrition 101 and Instructor: Kaycie Graves. This assignment must be typed (double spaced) and include a printed copy of your Nutrient and Activity Reports.
STEP 1: (10 Points)
The assignment involves an exploration of three typical days of your normal diet and exercise. For each of the three days, you will need to pay close attention to details like portion size, fluid intake and physical activity.
1. Develop a list for everything you normally eat over a typical three day period.
2. Go to www.choosemyplate .gov
3. Choose Super Tracker
4. Create your profile. Please note you will need to input your height and weight.
5. Choose Food Tracker and enter quantity for each food item.
6. Choose Nutrient Report to analyze.
7. Choose Activity Tracker to report any exercise/activity for the three days.
8. Choose Activity Report to analyze.
NOTE: Eating healthy does not earn you more points!
STEP 2: Analysis/Reflections/Written Comments
Part 1: (10…...

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