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Learning Culture and Training at Sahali Professional Hearing Services

Discovering Learning Assignment for HRMN 4840_01

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Introduction p.3
Learning Style p.3
Learning Organization p.5
Motivation p.7
Training Needs Analysis p.8
Recommendations p.10
Conclusion p.11
References p.12

The CEO of Sahali Professional Hearing Services (SPHS), located in Kamloops, British Columbia has hired me to work with their company as a learning consultant and a trainer. Their business is a hearing practice with the purpose of providing the highest standard of care and most innovative technology to their patients as they guide their patients through the process from hearing loss to hearing (Sahali Professional Hearing Services, 2013). I am personally interested in the hearing practice industry because of a close friend who has profound hearing loss and has always found it difficult to find an audiologist trained well enough to understand his needs and wants, and program a hearing aid to a satisfactory level. I am interested in SPHS because their website shows they understand the important roll training plays in being able to uniquely help and understand their clients.

Learning Style
Based on the Kolb model, my learning style is converging (McLeod, 2010), and the Vark model shows my learning style to be kinesthetic with an almost equally strong preference to read and write (Fleming, 2011). These models show that I have a strong preference of learning through the use of experience, technical practice, and hands on applications. This means that the most effective way for me to learn something is to simply dive in and experience it for myself. I value my own…...

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