Discrimination Against Women

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Discrimination against Women

This paper looks into the various forms of discrimination against women, which prevail in approximately all parts of the globe. Women usually bear the heaviest weight of exploitation and marginalization by society as a whole. In addition, women also often suffer from exploitation and oppression by men. Women are faced with discriminatory behavior in all stages of their adult life. Throughout history, women normally have had less career opportunities and legal rights and than men. In this paper, we look at how women are discriminated against based on their gender in public life, employment, politics, religion, education, marital status and family, social services, and before the law.


Research data have revealed that discriminatory practices against women prevail in approximately all parts of the globe. Discrimination against women based on their gender occurs in public life, employment, politics, religion, education, marital status and family, social services, and before the law. Women make up half of the population of the world and carry out two-thirds of the globe’s labor hours. Women obtain a tenth of the income of the world and possess less than a hundredth of the world’s property. Women usually bear the heaviest weight of exploitation and marginalization by society as a whole. In addition, women also often suffer from exploitation and oppression by men. For example, women perform 50 to 70% of all agricultural work in Africa and Asia. Women are faced with discriminatory behavior in all stages of their adult life. Discrimination is the main reason why so many women go through so many problems than equally skilled men to enter into and stay in the labor market.

Discriminatory Practices against Women

Throughout history, women normally have had less career opportunities and legal…...

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