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Gender Bias in U.S Court System
Intro #1
Throughout U.S history women had been known as properties belonging to a man. Women are seen as objects while the men are seen as an individual self. It took many years before the U.S Government amends and adopted new laws in order for women to be label as equals’ of men. One of the biggest movements in U.S history was the Feminist Movement in the 1960’s where groups of women fought to gain equality for women in the life, workplace, home and also to bring awareness to violence against women. Shame on all those women of the 2000’s who now use these laws to their advantage in family, civil and criminal court to bring men to their knees, and to erase fathers from the lives of their children. False allegations by women of child abuse, domestic violence, and stalking are almost never questioned by judges for fear of being politically incorrect. Intro #2 In the late 1980’s there was a controversial murder case where two people, brother and sister both of whom committed the same crime. They were tried and found guilty of murder of a woman who was the girlfriend of the sister’s ex-husband. What's most shocking is the sentence that was handed to them. As Marc Angelucci puts it, a Time columnist writer, “She gets 10 years in prison. He gets the death sentence.” This is just one of many absurd cases of discrimination against men in the U.S Court system.
Family court
a) List a few case studies and its relevance to the research paper 1) ***** 2) **** 3) *****
b) Facts or statistics of men versus women and the outcome in those cases
c) Is there discrimination against men in family court?
Criminal court
a) List few cases and its relevance 1)****** 2)****** 3)*******
b) Facts and statistical about men versus women…...

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