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ational Cranberry Cooperative

Please read the course pack item “National Cranberry Cooperative”. Consider the following case assumptions:
A. All the processes (including Destone, Dechaff, and Dry) start from 7am.
B. On an average “busy” day, there are 18,000 bbls delivered over 12-hour period (from 7am to 7pm).
C. Wet berries are 70% of all berries.
D. Holding bins 17-24 are dedicated to wet berries.
E. Capacity of each of five dumpers is 600 bbl/hr.
F. When holding bins for wet berries are full, the Kiwanee dumpers are not available to process wet berries, i.e., dumpers cannot temporarily store any wet berries.
G. There are 20 peak days in one year, where there is truck waiting happened.
H. Truck Drivers are paid by $18/hr
Submitted questions:
1. Analyze the current process. [Using the process flow map, available in the Excel file associated with the assignment, of the current process at Receiving Plant #1, mark the capacity of each of the activities. Show the flows of wet and dry berries separately.]
2. On a busy day, what is RP#1’s current maximum throughput rate?
3. Assuming that processing starts at 7 am on a “busy” day, present the situation during such a day, by constructing an inventory build-up diagram for bins and trucks.
4. What are the possible capital investments considered by NCC?
5. Quantify the costs and benefits for NCC’s investment for the fifth Kiwanee dumper in 1980.
6. Quantify the costs and benefits of “converting dry berry holding bins into wet/dry berry holding bins.”
Requirements for submitted…...

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