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Unit 3
Title: The Dog of Pompeii
Suggested Time: 7 days (45 minutes per day)
Common Core ELA Standards: RL.6.1, RL.6.2, RL.6.3, RL.6.4, RL.6.9; W.6.2, W.6.4, W.6.9; SL.6.1; L.6.1, L.6.2, L.6.4, L.6.5

Teacher Instructions.
Preparing for Teaching
1. Read the Big Ideas and Key Understandings and the Synopsis. Please do not read this to the students. This is a description for teachers about the big ideas and key understanding that students should take away after completing this task. Big Ideas and Key Understandings Companionship demonstrates great loyalty and risk for a true friend. Synopsis The Dog of Pompeii centers on a blind boy, Tito, and his dog, Bimbo, his life-long devoted companion during A.D. 79 in the city of Pompeii. Bimbo is crucial to Tito’s survival because he brings him along the city, provides food for him, and keeps him safe from harm. During the course of the story, a volcano erupts and causes mass panic and death. Bimbo risks and loses his life to save his beloved companion.
2. Read the entire selection, keeping in mind the Big Ideas and Key Understandings.
3. Re-read the text while noting the stopping points for the Text Dependent Questions and teaching Tier II/academic vocabulary.
During Teaching
1. Students read the entire selection independently.
2. Teacher reads the text aloud while students follow along or students take turns reading aloud to each other. Depending on the text length and student need, the teacher may choose to read the full text or a passage aloud. For a particularly complex text, the teacher may choose to reverse the order of steps 1 and 2.
3. Students and teacher re-read the text while stopping to respond to and discuss the questions, continually returning to the text. A variety of methods can be used to structure the reading and discussion (i.e., whole class discussion,…...

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