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1. Describe salt production from brine production to finished round cans
Salt production, - Discontinuous (sixth week at a time) - High maintenance (maraming complications) - Interdependent Process: - Injection of water is made - Dissolved in the water - Drying up process - Sixth week at a time - Stop for maintenance - Production is versatile Brine production, - Simple Finished round cans - Complicated compared to salt production - Interdependent - Fixed and not versatile - Precise - Controlled -
2. Briefly describe quality assurance efforts in round can production.
- By visual inspection o Verifying the assembly operation is correct o Checking filled cans for correct weight o Inspecting filled cans to see that labels are properly aligned o Checking that metal spouts are correctly attached 3. What are some of the possible reasons why the company continues to use the old processing equipment instead of buying new, modern equipment
- Cost - Hindi pa depreciated - The company would have to adapt to a new system - The company would incur training costs for the employees
4. Where would you place salt production in the product – process spectrum? 5. Determine the approximate number of tons of salt produced annually. Hint: one ton = 2,000 pounds, and one pound = 16 ounces 6. What improvements can you suggest for the plant? - Switch to Just In Time manufacturing - Lower inventory - Staff are cross trained - Pull manufacturing (manufacture when there’s demand, if not no manufacture… leading to less inventory - Application of cost of quality( prevention cost, appraisal cost, internal and external failure cost which leads to less waste, rework and machinery break…...

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