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MapReduce Design Patterns

Donald Miner and Adam Shook

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...EMC Confronts Harassment Charges Introduction   According to a lawsuit that was filed by two women of EMC are alleging sexual comments, company-paid trips, and also the failure to promote women for the same experience, and on the same basis as male employees where discrimination is not happening. While reading it states that women were being paid lower wages and thus may have been creating a hostile and offensive environment for women and thus making it harder for them to work there. It states that the firm has gathered 30 sworn affidavits from women supporting these allegations that the work-place was hostile and discriminatory. Review/Analysis of the Case The answer to question #1- Is in the book it states that sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance, sexual favors, or any other verbal or physical contact that the employee is being put through. In this case according to the complaint that the women filed there were sexual comments, company paid trips to strip clubs and retaliation toward women who complain about the harassment. This is just one form of sexual harassment that goes on in any workplace worldwide. The law that was violated in this case was the unwanted sexual comments. The answer to question #2- Is yes, I think that EMC can continue to sell aggressively, however for them to avoid charges of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination they need to change their policy, and to give training classes on what is sexual harassment and what is not.......

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... Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release On Aug. 5, 2010, a gold and copper mine near the northern city of Copiapó, Chile caved in, trapping 33 miners in a chamber about 2,300 feet below the surface. For 17 days, there was no word on their fate. As the days passed, Chileans grew increasingly skeptical that any of the miners had survived. But when a small bore hole reached the miners’ refuge, they sent up a message telling rescuers they were still alive. From the beginning of this tragic event communication needs to be designed from the bottom up (figuratively). It is important to inform and communicate with the team of rescue workers, medical personnel, technicians and mining experts, journalist, family members and the trapped miners. Taking into consideration there are different roles and different people in the audience, the potential needs of each receiving the information is considerably different. With the team of rescue workers, medical personnel, technicians, and mining experts there is going to be a more direct method of receiving a message. Knowing their job and position direct communication is what they rely on to get the trapped miners out. The trapped miners are also going to need a direct method of receiving information but in a more sensitive way. Letting them know that help is on the way, trying to stay calm, involving them and keeping them motivated to not lose hope. ......

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...Chilean Miners On August 5, 2010 a mine in northern Chile collapses and 33 men are trapped inside. Before anything can go out to the media or families the situation and facts need to be put together so more chaos is not created. For the family member the message needs to be conveyed with emotions and sympathy more than facts. The family knows the situation is bad and do not need to hear facts that would make it worse. They need to hear that everything is going to be ok, and everyone is working to make it better. When giving information to the media it needs to be facts not suspicions of what may be going on. If there are not actual facts to give then nothing should be said. When miscommunication happens it makes things worse and can get the facts mixed with nonfactual information. The audiences they are relaying information to can be different. There would be the families, who are hurt and upset and don’t know how to react. Then you have the media who just want to know what is going on so they have a story to report. However, there are the employees who are not trapped who want to know what they can do to help to get their fellow coworkers out and safe. Before communication can even happen, looking at the person and knowing how to communicate to them will be the key. If there is someone who is so distraught and emotionally unstable, like the family members, care must be taken that something is not communicated to them to make it worse. After the information has been given......

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...direction they are heading in is shaky. LEAD THEM TO DON’T BELIEVE IN THEMSELF ❖ Lack of Independence. Teams being lead by a charismatic leader can struggle to become more self-managing because the group's identity can become caught up in that of the leader and his or her ego. The team can often focus on the leader to help them succeed rather than building the systems and self-fortitude to think and act independently. ❖ The leaders ego overtakes. These Leaders can sometimes get too caught up in their own ego and needs and this can have a devastating impact on the team. Think Donald Trump! Donald Trump has a very strong ego drive and likes to be Number One. Donald finds it difficult to take orders from others or to stay in the background, and he hates being wrong; Donald Trump always insists that he is right! He is a doer and an achiever. Energetic, courageous, and often impatient, Donald Trump will forge ahead with his plans regardless of others' reservations. ❖ Company strength is under-acknowledged. The worst case scenario with having a charismatic leader in charge of an organization is when people start to believe the leader, somehow 'is' the company and that the company's success is tied to this person being at the helm. ❖ Richard Branson of Virgin and Southwest's Herb Kelleher, are both examples of leaders who are 'hero' worshiped by their team members. The potential downside for these leaders is that people have put such faith in their......

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...1. Clearly map how EMC has executed customer centricity by providing illustrations of how it differs from a product centric focus on several key dimensions e.g. customer orientation, value proposition etc. (20 points) EMC attributed its success to its "fanatical devotion" to their customers. Customer centricity has been part of their business model since 1988. The company developed specific strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. At the heart of this strategy is the Total Customer Experience. This includes understanding “what the customers valued most and then find(ing) the most efficient and cost-effective ways to deliver it.” It ensures “that the customer’s voice informed every decision.” 1) Example of customer orientation. There was a point at the start of the company where EMC, as well as, others were delivering systems that used disk drives supplied by a certain third-party vendor. Problems with these drives were discovered, and the competing companies shifted responsibility of the issue to the third-party vendor. Surprisingly, these companies continued to manufacture the systems that included the same defective drives, and only made repairs if customers complained. EMC was the only company that discontinued the use of the faulty units. The company went above and beyond by contacting all customers who received a system with defective drives, and offered to provide a new system from EMC or one from IBM. IBM was the only other manufacturer who was...

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...elements: structure, processes, and culture. The strategy of Mc Donald established will be explained below. Type of International Strategy : Multidomestic Strategy To compete in international markets organizations, McDonald's using multidomestic strategies to diversify its activities overseas, including its unique and customized approaches to each country, allowed in to respond more quickly to the dynamic environment. The objective of multidomestic strategy is to adapt a product for use in national markets and thereby responding more effectively to the changes in local demand conditions. Mcdonald’s needed to become more connected to a global customer base and resulted in significant variance in strategic actions in different countries. Local managers given substantial autonomy to determine how the product will meet the needs of local customer. - In France, McDonald's redesigned its brand so it would not be seen as an American company subverting the French culture of high cuisine, then France became McDonald's second most profitable market in the world. The new menu in France offers many choices not familiar in the US such as the P'tit Plaisir (mini snack foods), Little Mozza (tomato and mozzarella salad), Croques Monsieurs (grilled ham and cheese), and Jambon Beurre (ham and butter on a crusty baguette). In addition, stand-alone McCafes carry traditional France sweets such as macaroons, fruit tarts, and flan, and serve beverages ceramic mugs. - In German, stores are......

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...DONALD TRUMP-AMERICAN BUSINESS MAGNATE Over the years, Donald Trump, Chairman and President of the Trump Organization has become a master of situating himself in the limelight with out-spoken interviews, his books, his television show, and especially his king-size lifestyle. Nonetheless behind it all this lies a very sharp businessman. Someone who is a tough negotiator, someone who knows how to build a brand and simply someone who does all this while building successful working relations with others. This starts my essay on why I admire Donald Trump. “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking about anything, you might as well think big.” Donald Trump. Entrepreneur Donald Trump, through set-backs, controversies and successes, is someone who comes to my mind as a person one can admire and emulate. Donald John Trump was born in Queens, New York on June 14, 1946; the fourth of five children of Mary and Frederick Trump. Frederick (1905-1999) was himself a real-estate developer. Donald’s parent hoped a military school education would greatly benefit him, as it did Dwight Eisenhower, Ted Turner, and Douglas MacArthur to name a few and prepare him to enter the family business. Being an active and energetic child, his parents sent him to the New York Military Academy (est. 1889), located in the Cornwall-on-Hudson, at age 13. They hoped the academy’s discipline program would have an influence on him. By attending the military academy, which was a private......

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...Giles In the communication process, it is important that one know the audiences in which they are delivering a message. The main purpose when speaking to a group of people is to persuade, entertain, or inform. In order to communicate effectively, you must know who is in your audience. If you feel as though a certain person of the group is deemed “the leader,” it may help to direct your speech to that person in order for them to persuade or inform the rest of the group later. It is just as important to gain rapport. Showing that you care with your verbal/non verbal skills is always a way to get the attention of a group, especially in the case of the trapped Chilean copper miners. On August 5, 2010 in San Jose, Chile over 30 copper mine workers were trapped underground after two disastrous collapses in the Atacama desert. Families were extremely worried about their loved ones, not knowing if they had survived the disaster, especially with limited food, water, and oxygen for days. It is in question if the Minera San Esteban Primera Copper mine was up to safety codes by the FMC and CTC. Principally because of the large amounts of copper produced and the previous closing of the mine after a fatal accident in March 2007. Families need to know the extremities of the situation and not be lied to as they are already in enough agony. It is important that both families and employees know the action plan being taken.......

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...everything in our power to bring them home safely. We greatly value each and everyone of our employees. Please stay positive and keep the miners and their families in your thoughts and prayers. To family (face-to-face meeting) I have asked to speak with you to inform you that there has been a collapse in the San Jose mine today. The collapse has resulted in 33 men being trapped. Your husband/son is one of those men. I want you to know we are going to do everything we possibly can to rescue everyone. Unfortunately, at this time, we have no form of communication available with them. Therefore we do not know how many are injured or how many have survived. I know this is horrible news and you are very concerned about your loved one. Please take comfort in knowing we will do whatever is necessary to rescue all 33 men. We are working as fast as we can to set up communication and come up with a plan for rescue. We will keep you involved every step of the way. We will also be here to support you through this process. There is a good chance that the rescue could take a while to be completed. The cave-in happened at the only entrance. They are 2300 feet underground. but we are going to use every resource available to quickly get them home safely. Please bare with us. Let's keep open communication and work together, keeping the miners best interest first at all times. I am very sorry this is happening and I promise to do everything humanly possible to bring......

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...Architects design all types of things. (What Does an Architect Do?) They design schools, skyscrapers, hospitals, churches and many other things. (What Does an Architect Do?) Almost ever building you walk into is most likely designed by a architect.(What Does an Architect Do?) If there was no architects what would this world do? A architects income is around $56,000-$85,000 per year. (Learn More Indiana) When you first start off as being an architect you are considered as a Junior Drafter, those are the ones that make around $56,000 a year. (Career Information Center Seventh Edition) Work place would be in a office. (Learn More Indiana) Some things that you would need to be capable of doing is public speaking. (Learn More Indiana) You would also need to be able to work independently and able to have a face-to-face conversation. (Learn More Indiana) A architect is easy to become as long as you have a collage degree for architecture and graduate collage. (Career Information Center Seventh Edition) Some training is needed. Courses that are needed are mechanical drawing, art, history, physics, and mathematics. (Career Information Center Seventh Edition) You also need to know how to draw blue prints and drawing plans. (What Does an Architect Do?) If you like art, this would be a good job for you because you may need to make paper or plastic models of your design. (What Does an Architect Do?) What you do as a architect. Architects do a lot of thinking. They have......

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...ARCHITECTS ARCHITECTURE OR USERS ARCHITECTURE The construction industry is based around projects. Each project is every time different and unique on its own design, management and construction. Nevertheless a project is not only made out of concrete, wood or any of the materials used on it, a project is a lot more and a lot deeper than that. It is not a quick sketch on a napkin. A project is influenced by its atmosphere which is the location, the client or the user, and even the contractor hired for the project. Architecture is influenced by anything happening around it, which is why it changes every time its atmosphere changes. Böhme states that  to experience space in its complete entirety. By inhabiting space individuals can sense the character that surrounds them. Inhabitants sense its atmosphere. Photography, written articles and the interpretation of other viewers of a space cannot compare to individual experience and interaction in interior spaces. Recently this way of interaction has become an important discussion between architects and designers. The process of a project is not anymore unique, and it becomes something functional. It is thought that a template can be followed even when the client or the factors involving the project change every time. For example many architects choose the same sub-contractors for each project as they believe they are trustful and successful, even when the clients have their specific needs and......

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...EMC Confronts Harassment Charges Introduction According to the lawsuit, women claimed that the company was discriminated against female employees (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009 p.87 para.1). Furthermore the women alleged that female employees were not promoted to receive pay raise if they refused to “smile, drink, swear, hunt, fish, and tolerate strip clubs” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009 p.87 para.2.) Those who refused were retaliated against with offensive actions. Review/Analysis of the Case EMC did violate many Equal Employment Opportunity laws. According to Equal Pay Act of 1963, “men and women performing equal jobs are to receive equal pay” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009 p.59). However, EMC pay data showed that saleswomen received $39,354 less than salesmen (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009 p.87). Title VII of CRA “forbids discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009 p. 59). The EEOC considers sexual harassment of employees as unlawful employment discrimination. The behaviors that are considered as sexual harassments are “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical contact of sexual nature” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009 p. 73 para.1). Another law that EMC had broken is Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. According to the lawsuit, “employment decisions were based in part on......

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...hardware and software into usable systems. "Beverly" felt that the only distinctive resource DEC had to build on was its customer relationships. Hence, she derided Alec's "Boxes" strategyand argued in favor of a "Solutions" strategy that solved customer problems. "Craig" held that the heart of the computer industry was semiconductor technology and that the company should focus its resources on designing and building better "Chips." Choice was necessary: both the Chips and Solutions strategies represented dramatic transformations of the firm, and each would require wholly new skills and work practices. One wouldn't choose either risky alternative unless the status quo Boxes strategy was likely to fail. And one wouldn't choose to do both Chips and Solutions at the same time, because there was little common ground between them. It is not feasible to do two separate, deep transformations of a company's core at once. With equally powerful executives arguing for each of the three conflicting strategies, the meeting was intense. DEC's chief executive, Ken Olsen, had made the mistake of asking the group to reach a consensus. It was unable to do that, because a majority preferred Solutions to Boxes, a majority preferred Boxes to Chips, and a majority also preferred Chips to Solutions. No matter which of the three paths was chosen, a majority preferred something else. This dilemma wasn't unique to the standoff at DEC. The French philosopher Nicolas de Condorcet achieved immortality......

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Emc 2 : Delivering Customer Centricity— Case Study

...EMC 2 : DELIVERING CUSTOMER CENTRICITY— CASE STUDY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino, college classmates, EMC Corporation started fueling into the emerging industry of data storage. EMC promised its customers a new kind of relationship where they would ultimately be the center of their mission, and being able to deliver results with outstanding quality was their main priority. Adding stepObyOstep a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices, became the company’s drive for business, while keeping in mind the importance of listening to the voice of their customers at all times. With strengths and weakness to work upon, EMC has been able to innovate and compete in the industry; integrating technologies such as Web 2.0 to maintain the customerOdesired digital interactions effectively. With years of experience and success, EMC customers started demanding a different, and yet unknown to the company, touchOpoint integration. Their wellOdeveloped faceOtoOface communication was no longer customer’s ideal way of getting in touch with them and were driven towards a more technological, easier way, digital interaction. As such, their customized CRM practices where in need for a change, from which studied alternatives are being provided as possible ways for the company to efficiently satisfy their valued customer centricity. The main uncertainty would be: if having high tech would really deliver high touch, and if the center of the......

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...Solutions Architect Job Analysis Ricardo Fernandes Albertus Magnus BE 323M Solutions Architect Job Analysis For a company the size of Verizon, one of the largest network companies in the world, the responsibilities of the human resources department are extensive and ever changing. In order to meet shifting business needs, new business segments, divisions and jobs are under constant review. One of the main tools in determining varying tasks that make up a job and the skills, knowledge, abilities and responsibilities for one to be successful at performing said job is to conduct a job analysis. In the case of Verizon, human resources used the job analysis tools to create a new business segment necessary to drive business growth in the area of wireless data products and services. By conducting a job analysis, the human resources team was able to create job descriptions, and job specifications for the varying positions that make up the data sales teams that exist throughout the country today. In order to understand and appreciate the process used by Human Resources it makes sense to conduct a job analysis, review varying methods that can be used in conducting a job analysis and capture a summary of the results; which will eventually be used in carrying out a variety of human resource undertakings. In general, a job analysis helps identify the basic functions and responsibilities of a particular job within an organization. It uncovers the knowledge, skill, and......

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