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The rising of the E-Sports and the influence to our society

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August 15, 2015

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Dear Mr. Robb:

As a request to compose an elementary report I found huge interest on E-Sports. Please allow me to do the research about E-Sports.
My report will mainly cover: 1. Explanation/meaning of the E-Sports 2. History of the E-Sports 3. Influence on society
I hope you can approve me to do search on such area and help me with the problem may come up with.


Jeffery Ding

Thank Brendan McGee AKA “Mcscarg” pro player of Dawngate for providing some vital information and his personal experience

Table of Context: The origin of the word E-Sports and explanation---Page.1 History of the E-Sports---Page.2-3 Forms and major activities of the E-Sports---Page.4-5 Influence of the E-Sports---Page. 5-6 Personal opinion& conclusion and the future prediction of the E-Sports---Page.7-8

List of the Figures

Figure1 (The International, an annual Dota 2 tournament, n.d) --- Page.1
Figure2 (Attendees of the 1981 Space Invaders Championship attempt to set the highest score, n.d) --- Page.2
Figure3 (Esports tournament prize amounts, 1998–2014,n.d)

This report will show you the origin of the E-Sports and how it’s rising &how it’s affecting our society step by step. Including some personal opinions and interviews from pro players this report also predicts the trend of the E-Sport and influence on the younger generation.

Talking of sports some people may have Super Bowl and NBA come up to their mind some may think of Olympics but for more and more young people the word E-Sport is…...

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