Early Recollection

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Early recollection
I remember when I was little and my mother was combing my hair. She had just given me a bath and allowed me to sit on a soft blue chair in her bedroom. When mama combed my hair, I could feel her soft hands, and she sang a pretty song. Erin's mother has always been a loving and caring person in her life. Home is where Erin feels most comfortable as a place to find solace and comfort. For Erin, touch is significant in her daily existence. She regularly seeks out touch from people that she knows, and a day without a hug never seems right to her.

I remember when I’m standing out of the window. I wanted to play with a couple of girls who were jumping rope. My mother wouldn’t let me jump rope with them, and I started to cry. Nobody seemed to notice me when I ran off by myself.” the memory depicts a sense of rejection and hurt. Although Honey Grace tries to play with the other girls, her effort ends in futility. The memory evokes painful feelings, but there are also features of the remembrance which present more hopeful aspects. Honey Grace’s high degree of activity is evident and she seeks to be a part of a constructive experience with others.
Basic mistake
Emotional perfectionism: I should always feel happy, confident, and in control of my emotions.

2. Performance perfectionism: I must never fail or make a mistake.

3. Perceived perfectionism: People will not love and accept me as a flawed and vulnerable human being.

4. Fear of disapproval or criticism: I need everybody’s approval to be worthwhile.

5. Fear of rejection: If I’m not loved, then life is not worth living.

6. Fear of being alone: If I’m alone, then I’m bound to feel miserable and unfulfilled.

7. Fear of failure: My worthwhileness depends on my achievements (or my intelligence or status or…...

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