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EFP1: Task 1
Cultural Backgrounds
*Working Mother:
I am a mother of an eight year old and I work at least 60 hours a week. My time is limited and my world revolves around my son. I feel very guilty for working so much and over compensate for it by being over involved in cub scouts as well as the PTA. I try and do everything and stress that I am not a good mother and usually push myself to exhaustion and then feel bad that I am tired.

Most Texans consider themselves Texans first and Americans second. “Everything is bigger in Texas” isn’t an opinion it is a fact in the lone star state. I am proud to be a Texan and know there isn’t any better place to live. We fly the American and Texas flag at the house every day of the year. We named our business Lone Star Barbershop. I great strangers with “howdy” and family and friends with hugs.

Elements of Life: Working Mother
Being a working mother I have a tendency to talk to young people as though they are my children. This endears some to me and makes others feel as though I am talking down to them.
I don’t feel I have any leisure time. Working and being a mom takes up all of my time. I spend most of my time at work or at a school function. I like to watch a movie with my family, but usually fall asleep before it’s over.
I can be short and impatient with my husband and son. I spend most of my time at work dealing with problems and when I am home I am just out of fake smiles. I want to come home to a peace and tranquility, both normally there is a homework fight or discussion about chores or what time is bed time.
Elements of Life: Texan
Being a Texan I say “howdy” to great friends, family, and strangers. When I pass other people in the store I say “howdy” and nod my head as if tipping my hat. Being a Texan I am overly friendly and have a tendency to say what I think.
I have very little leisure…...

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