Egovernment Strategies the Case of Uae

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eGovernment Strategies The Case of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

This article provides an overview of eGovernment and its role in revolutionising existing governmental systems. It argues that in order for eGovernment initiatives to truly succeed, we need to develop public trust and confidence to promote diffusion and participation. The article relates this to the recently announced UAE eGovernment Strategic Framework 2011-2013. The framework attempts to promote the electronic transformation of all government services within a period of three years. An important component of the strategic framework in question is the use of the existing national identity management infrastructure and the development of a government-owned federated identity management system to support Governmentto-Citizen (G2C) eGovernment transactions and promote trust and confidence on the Internet.

Dr. Ali M. Al-Khouri
United Arab Emirates

Keywords eGovernment, identity management, federated identity, identity card.

Government-owned identity management systems that provide secure, unique and tamper-proof digital identities should become a primary component of national eGovernment strategies. Such federated identity systems can gain higher levels of trust, confidence and encourage public participation and has the potential to enable new levels of collaboration between different government agencies.

European Journal of ePractice · Nº 17 · September 2012 · ISSN: 1988-625X


1. Introduction
Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have affected the ways in which people, governments and businesses interact with each other. The rapid diffusion of the Internet, mobile telephony and broadband networks demonstrate how pervasive this technology has become. Today, ICT is considered as one of the fundamental building blocks of modern societies and…...

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