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Employee Assistant Programs

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22 April 2014


What is an employee assistant program? When did it start? Why is it needed? When should employees and employers utilize the program? Is it more cost-effective to hire new trainees and fire existing workers who no long perform to their full potential? This essay will give a brief outlook on the Employee Assistant Program and the benefits it gives not only to the employees but the business as a whole.

An employee assistant program or EAP is a confidential, employer-sponsored initiative that provides emotional, mental and physical health support services, to help support issues that may affect an employee’s work. Most services in program offer some sort of counseling. Examples of ways in which an employee assistance program offers support include alcohol and substance abuse intervention, individual and couples counseling, and financial assistance for health related expenditures (“Components of an Employee Assistant Program”). These services and programs are a benefit offered by employers as a means to encourage employee retention as well as improve the productivity and culture of the work environment. Services offered are free of charge on a short-term basis. As businesses and the economy change, the employee assistant program adapts in response to the changing nature of the workplace, business and employee needs.

Studies have shown that mental illnesses are very common in the United States as well as internationally. An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older which equates to one in four adults: suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given…...

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