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STATS 209 Group Assignment (Introduction)
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Next! Thank you I hope you enjoy. These quotes have become popular words to students of The College of The Bahamas as they flock restaurants towing long lines. Growling stomachs can be heard a mile away, frowning faces constantly seen; ‘Grrrrr’ goes the sound of monstrous stomachs pleading their cause. ”Smt’ I hungry bui.” Yes, that’s right it is lunchtime. Sad is the cry of those students who have class during the hours of 12-2p.m; especially when you are so tempted with the thought of food on your mind. Such sweet aromas kiss your nose as you pass the independence cafeteria. Succulent honey barbeque wings with French fries or you can have a full meal of scrumptious curry chicken and rice with macaroni or coleslaw. Even if you are trying to achieve that dream body Wendy’s has many salad choices. Lunchtime near the campus is fit for all. Don’t have enough money? “No worries” McDonalds caters to the public with their ‘tings tuff’ special only $4.59 and you get a drink. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to experience happy hour; Dunkin Doughnuts happily provides it between the hours of 3-6p.m. With all of this, still some persons tend to be undecided about their food choices.
Some persons do not eat unless their meal is home cooked. Some have a really big breakfast and hold out for the rest of the day. Others make up fast food schedules and follow by them. It is assumed that Bahamians rarely eat healthy. Can you blame them, especially the regular students of COB. In my belief it is cheaper to eat greasy fatty foods than to pay for healthy foods. Back in the day, especially on the islands, Bahamians used to grow and harvest crops and meats. This was their way of feeding their families. Today however, long lines are towed and gas is burned on the drive…...

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