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MBA Second Semester ( Regular / Evening ) Examination May 2010

Subject code: 820007 Subject ame: Research Methodology and Operations Research
Date: 28 / 05 / 2010 Total Marks: 70 Time: 11.00 am – 01.30 pm

1. Attempt all questions. 2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary. 3. Figures to the right indicate full marks. Q.1 know about customer satisfaction level across India who recently purchased newly Introduced car. (b) A farm is engaged in breeding pigs. The pigs are fed on various products 07 grown on the farm. With a view to ensuring certain minimum nutrition for the growth of the pigs, two types of feeds A and B are purchased from the market. The contents of these feeds per unit, in nutrient constituents are as given in the following table. Formulate and solve graphically. Nutrient content in Minimum requirement of feeds Nutrient feed nutrient for a pig A B M1 12 6 108 M2 3 9 81 M3 15 10 150 If feed A costs Rs. 20 and B Rs. 40 per unit, how much of each of these two should be bought, so that the total cost is minimized?

(a) Prepare a research plan for marketing manager of tata Nano car who wants to 07


(a) Test the given data using Kolmogorov –Smirnov test.
Freshman Number in each class 5 Sophomore 9 Junior 11 Senior 16 Graduate 19


Given that critical value for D is 1.36 N at α = 0.05 Take the KS test , with an analysis of the results of the dining club study, in terms of various class levels. (b) Describe the Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research



OR (b) What is Sample Size? What features would you consider in designing a 07
Sample Size?


(a) Obtain the dual of the following primal linear programming problem.
Maximize ZX = X1-2X2+3X3 Subject to the constraints, -2X1+X2+3X3=2 2X1+3X2+4X3=1 And X1, X2, X3≥0


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