Explain the Need for Understanding Different Intergenerational Attitudes of People Towards Technology and the Implications It Has for Facilitating Communicating Between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrations.

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Explain the need for understanding different intergenerational attitudes of people towards technology and the implications it has for facilitating communicating between digital natives and digital immigrations.

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Introduction With the growth of time, the role of technology is getting more and more significant where technological products are commonly found in today‟s society and everyone generally equips with more than 2 gadgets to deal with their daily business. It is observed that majority of people flips on their smartphone during the ride or in meal are teenagers and young adults, they do with no reason but treat it as a habit. Since those digital natives can hardly live without the electronic devices, feel uncomfortable without them in hands and play with it (smartphone) regardless of the location and time can therefore said as an addiction. And now, it raises a question of whether the rapid advancement of technology betters our life or we are determined by technology? The above controversial topic often comes with diverse respondents amongst different generations, where teenagers may usually agree with technology improves their life in overall despite of some drawbacks brought by those digital technologies as they get used to the online space and possible to handle all the matters by their own; whereas the elder generation may have a different comments and believe technology undoubtedly better off our lives, yet more drawbacks are brought at the same time. As attitudes towards uses of technology are diverse across different generation, hence in order to give further more details, this paper will start by making a comparison between parents and children, their attitudes and practices towards technology, follow by teenager‟s confidence versus parents worries, then end up with giving some solutions to bridge the…...

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