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What problems are there with the Yellow River?

The Yellow River is extremely polluted and poisoned because of the phalanx which comes from chemical and pharmaceutical factories above Sheen’s fields(one of the most polluted area in China) The water now is very toxic because of pollution, hydropower, and intensive water extraction for people consumption, it becomes red and purple and can’t be use even for irrigation. Also this river affects other smaller rivers because it has a lot of them.

More than 4 billion tons of wastewater are dumped into the Yellow River every year. Due to this fact about a third of the river's native fish species are in the extinction.

The Yellow River has been drained dry in the main course of its lower reaches and the groundwater table has rapidly declined in the floodplains.

What impacts do these problems have on people?

First of all, the Yellow River was a mother river in China, it was famous in Chinese history and important for Chinese population because they started their live near this river many years ago.

Now they have a shortage of water because of the factories, which consumed too much for producing but no water is available because such a big and important river is polluted and poisoned.

As a part of fish is now poisoned and dying this means that they will may have problems in future with alimentation because they will not have enough of fish to eat. Their population is really huge and it will be difficult to have fish for every person.

What states share the Jordan River?

Water resources in the region of Jordan River are scarce, and the five political subdivisions Israel, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan locating within share them.

What problems are there with the Jordan river?

Water has always been precious in this dry area where Jordan River is located, and that’s why there is a…...

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