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Solutions to tutorial questions on Chapter 3

1. Draw indifference curves that represent the following individuals’ preferences for hamburgers and soft drinks. Indicate the direction in which the individuals’ satisfaction (or utility) is increasing. a. Joe has convex preferences and dislikes both hamburgers and soft drinks.

Since Joe dislikes both goods, he prefers less to more, and his satisfaction is increasing in the direction of the origin. Convexity of preferences implies his indifference curves will have the normal shape in that they are bowed towards the direction of increasing satisfaction.
Convexity also implies that given any two bundles between which the Joe is indifferent, any linear combination of the two bundles will be in the preferred set, or will leave him at least as well off. This is true of the indifference curves shown in the diagram.

b. Jane loves hamburgers and dislikes soft drinks. If she is served a soft drink, she will pour it down the drain rather than drink it.

Since Jane can freely dispose of the soft drink if it is given to her, she considers it to be a neutral good. This means she does not care about soft drinks one way or the other. With hamburgers on the vertical axis, her indifference curves are horizontal lines. Her satisfaction increases in the upward direction.

c. Bob loves hamburgers and dislikes soft drinks. If he is served a soft drink, he will drink it to be polite.

Since Bob will drink the soft drink in order to be polite, it can be thought of as a “bad”. When served another soft drink, he will require more hamburgers at the same time in order to keep his satisfaction constant. More soft drinks without more hamburgers will worsen his utility. More hamburgers and fewer soft drinks will increase his utility, so his satisfaction increases as we move upward and to the left.


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