Financial Statements Analysis Between Heidelbergcement Bangladesh Ltd & Lafarge Surma

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Term Paper
Financial Statements Analysis
HeidelbergCement Bangladesh Ltd & Lafarge Surma Cement

Submitted To
Dr. Sujit Saha
Former Professor & Director
Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management

Submitted by
SL. No Name ID
1 Md.Rashedul Imam EMBA 2013-2-91-022
2 Md.Monzurul Alam EMBA 2013-2-91-023
3 Md. Kazi Mashiur Rahman EMBA 2013-2-91-038
4 Md. Asaduzzaman EMBA 2013-2-91-019

Course Code : EMBA_561 Course Title : Financial Analysis for Managers Submission Date : June 20, 2014 Semester : Summer 2014

Letter of Transmission
Date: June 20, 2014
Prof. Sujit Saha, Ph.D
Former Professor & Director
Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management
Course Code: EMBA_561
East West University

Subject: Submitting the report on Financial Analysis on HeidelbergCement Bangladesh Ltd. & Lafarge Surma cement Ltd. of Bangladesh.

Dear Sir,
We are glad to submit our report on the specific as you have assigned us to prepare a report as a partial requirement of the course. Now we are looking forward to your kind appraisal regarding this report.
The report reviews on Current Financial Analysis on HeidelbergCement Bangladesh Ltd. & Lafarge Surma cement Ltd Bangladesh
We are very pleased to prepare this report and we expect that it provides us a overall concept on current economic condition.
It would be appreciated, if you please evaluate our report. We would like to thank you for your support and feedback.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours

Md.Rashedul Iman Md.Monzurul Alam Md. Kazi Mashiur Rahman
ID#2013-2-91-022 ID#2013-2-91-023 ID# 2013-2-91-038

Md. Kamruzzaman
ID# 2013-2-91-019…...

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