Fritidsresor Under Pressure

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Fritidsresor Under Pressure
Savannah M. Russell
Clemson University

On December 26, 2004, Southeast Asia suffered from a tsunami that took a major toll on the management team of a Swedish tour company. This unforeseen devastation affected the lives and safety of thousands of the company’s customers as well as employees in Thailand. With all the hesitation and vagueness the management team dealt with, within those first 10 hours it became very clear that the team would have to make extremely demanding decisions. These conclusions would coordinate the responses to the media as well as concerned customers. As administration faces struggles of their own within the company they must now come to together as one to face situations that reality has hit them hard with.
Keywords: Disaster, Evacuation, Thailand, Tsunami

Defining the Issue(s) When a nature disaster hit Southeast Asia in 2004 it did not just impact the land; it also traumatized thousands of people in and out of the Fritidsresor Company. A Swedish tourism company was enormously effected by the tsunami; to make matters worse the tsunami hit over the holidays so several employees were away from the office and unable to help. Not only were the company’s tourists at risk but their employees were as well. While the company is battling this difficult situation externally, they are also battling internal issues as well. The CEO has only been with the company for a little over a year and is having a difficult time adjusting to new policies and procedures. Not only do they have a new CEO, they have had 5 CEO’s within the past 6 years (Margolia, Dessain, & Sojman, 2012) so the company constantly has to adapt to new management. One of the leading issues the team is facing is whether of not to continue to fly the planes or cancel them for the safety of the tourists. Seeing as how…...

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