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Dear CEO,
Since Random House is continuing its expansion in the global region, I have some recommendations about the future business. Consider about the issues that customers’ behaviors change, the usage of large warehouses and the merge with other publishers, I have some analysis and alternatives to provide. Because your company is going to merge Penguin, the Chinese market it your next main market I have three business plans to help penetrate the new market.
All three strategies suggest enter Chinese market. First is to use broad cost leadership in the printed book market and use focus differentiation in the e-book market. The second strategy is to work with government to produce “political” books, which build an authoritative image. In addition, developing online distribution channel is another mission. The third strategy is to work with universities to provide books in different languages as well as develop an online-learning system.
All these three business plans are evaluated by three criteria: Net Present Value, the degree of easiness to enter the market and easiness to manage. When all assessed by these three standards, I recommend the third strategy. Although it dose not generate the highest NVP, it is relatively easy to penetrate the market and operate well. In my opinion, this project can grow steadily though not the fastest.
Finally, I make a five-year implementing plan. In this action plan I give the suggestion to enter the market step by step. The first step is building warehouses and sign contract as well as build the online system. Then lunch…...

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The Gap something not only for them, but something that the whole world could use and be inspired by. Gap Inc. is definitely a retail business that has a past story that has inspired costumers and anyone wanting to take a step into the world of retail business. Don and Doris Fisher created the Gap in order to cater to their needs, but in the process helped thousands of customers find what they needed when it came to certain merchandise. The year 1969 was a year to remember in the business of retail. Located in San Francisco, California, Donald G. Fisher and wife Doris Fisher opened the very first Gap. Don Fisher initially had no real experience in the business of retail seeing as he made his living from real estate, but when Mr. Fisher could not find the right pair of Levis jeans to fit what he wanted, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He decided to open up his own retail store that would have everything that a customer could dream of having. In order to get his start Mr. Fisher had to identify the type of clothing and the age group that he would appeal to. Considering the time period and his original dilemma with finding the right pair of jeans he found his niche. During this time jeans had become the trend among teens, and even though he wasn’t a part of this generation he felt that he could be more successful in selling to this specific generation. Hence, the name the Gap was given to the retail store that he established. Jeans had become the type of clothing......

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