Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney Princesses

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This is my first time read the study's writing style. At first I think it was hard because it is different with the article that I read before. But after two pages I found it was easy to understand. Like this essay, it have a lot of paragraph but before one or two paragraphs there will be a main title to tell me what it talk about. This help me to have a good understand with the essay and needless time.
For me I agree with the study's finding and it is very important for children. This essay's was maining talk about how the Disney movies portrayed genders. Disney Princesses are an extremely part which influence young girls’ lives because their are some possibly negative messages conveyed through classical Disney movies so we should be aware about this. Children are very artless, they will learn the things that happen or appear around them easily.
However, I think we can still let children watch Disney movies. Because maybe children will learn wrong things from Disney movies, parents should teach them what is good or bad that what parents should do to the children. What's more, recollections of the past, Disney movies plays an important role in me childhood memory. I think other people are same with me.
Last I want to say is this article really change the way I think about Disney movies and television. I have never think about these things in this way yet. Maybe many people think Disney movies like the article say, but the Disney movies are still very popular. As what I think is because the painting style is good and loved by the children. The story is easy and fun for children to understand. Last but not least, it takes an deep impression in everyone's memory and it's hard to…...

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