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This Certificate of Compliance lists the building features and performance specifications needed to comply with Title 24, Parts 1 and 6 of the State Building Code. This certificate applies only to a building using the performance compliance approach.
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The Principal Designers hereby certify that the proposed building design represented in the construction documents and modeled for this permit application are consistent with all other forms and worksheets, specifications, and other calculations submitted with this permit application. The proposed building as designed meets the energy efficiency requirements of the State Building Code. Title 24, Part 6.
1. I hearby affirm that I am eligible under the provisions of Division 3 of theBusiness and Professions Code to sign this document as the person responsible for its preparation; and that I am licensed in the State of California as a civil engineer, mechanical engineer (envelope & mechanical only), or electrical engineer (lighting only) or I am a licensed architect.
2. I affirm that I am eligible under the provisions of Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code Section 5537.2 or 6737.3 to sign this document as the person responsible for its preparation; and that I am a licensed contractor performing this work.
3. I affirm that I am eligible under Division 3…...

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...The foodborne illness I chose would be: Norovirus (formerly Norwalk virus) 1. What is the infectious agent that causes this infectious disease? Norovirus agent is caused by nonenveloped, single-stranded RNA viruses of the genus Norovirus, which have also been referred as Norwalk virus or small round-structured viruses of the family Caliciviridae. Other genera within the Caliciviridae family include Sapovirus which also cause acute gastroenteritis in persons as well. Norovirus can be divided into at least five geno groups designated GI---GV based on amino acid identity in the major structure protein. The strains that infect humans (referred to collectively “human noroviruses”) are found in GI, GII, and GIV. Since 2001, GII.4 viruses have been associated with majority of viral gastroenteritis outbreaks worldwide. Recent studies have demonstrated that these viruses evolve over time through serial changes in the VP1 sequence, which allow invasion of immunity in the human population. 2. How is this infectious agent transmitted through food or water? Transmission occurs primarily through fecal-oral route, either through direct person to person contact or indirectly via contaminated food or water. Norovirus is also indirectly through aerosols or vomitus and contaminated environmental surfaces and objects. Having contact with someone who is infected with norovirus (for example, caring for or sharing food or eating utensils with someone with norovirus illness). Norovirus is a...

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...Si mark ay dakilang bakla ng 3b.ngunit nkakapagbigay ng aliw at saya..isa syang bakla kung ituring ngunit sya ay isang malinis at marangal n bakla.. ipinagmamalaki ng pamilyang geno ang maging parte ng buhay naming maging isa sa geno. Si mc ay isang mala Jordan ng pub. Lahat ng mkakapansin sakanya ay aakalain na bakla din. Ngunit may pusong kayang magmahal ng tapat. Kulang ang araw ng bawat isa sa geno kapag wala mc ang dakilang daotero ng geno. Si rona ay isang babaeng nagmamahal ng lubos. Sa lahat ng bagay ay mkikitaan mo sya ng kasiyahan at pagmamahal sa knyang ginagawa. Kapag sya ay nasktan, dun mo sya makikitang seryoso. Nakakadala pag sya ay umiiyak. Isa rin syang masayahing tao tulad ni mc. Si joy ang ms. Saigon ng geno. Handa syang kumanta kung sya ay papakantahin mo kahit na ang mga kasama nya ay hindi nya pa ka-close,. Masayahin din syang tao. Hahabulin mo ang knyang mga sinabi kapag sya ay nagsimula ng magbasa. Masarap syang magmahal. Si gelo ang graphic artist ng geno kasama ni jazen. Maporma sya kaya madaming naiinlove sakanya. Habulin sya ng mga beki. Masayhin din sya. Mahilig syang kumaen. Masarap din syang magmahal. Si mich ang soulja boy ng geno. Kung hindi si ako ang kakwentuhan nya ay mas madalas si moks. Masyahin syang tao. Iniingatan nya ang lahat ng mga kaibigan nya. Wag mo syang papaluhain dahil madadala ka sa pag galaw ng ilong nya. Masrap sya mag-alaga. Si Ashley ang naulanan ng talent. Magaling syang kumanta, sumayaw, mag gitara,......

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