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The Girl Child in India:
The sex ratio in India stands at 914 females to 1000 males. What is perhaps even scarier than this number is that the ratio has actually fallen from 927 in the last ten years. The nation’s girls are indeed at risk and the subject of neglect and discrimination. Millions of girl children in India face challenges every step of the way and many of their rights are not upheld be it – health, nutrition, education, protection or simply a space to be heard. Communities in India are still largely patriarchal and girls always end up taking the second place to the male members in their families. The female literacy rate for women in the country which hovers around 65% as compared to the male literacy rate which is over 80% - is a direct reflection of this situation. Lack of proper health care and immunizations, malnourishment, child labor, no access to education, early marriages leading to early pregnancies and health issues and a total lack of voice or opinion on their own lives– are some of the many issues that girls in India face today.

Campaign requirement:
While CRY has always worked with children as a whole, the girl child given her special vulnerable status has always received extra attention within this structure. Over the months of April–June, however CRY is looking at running a campaign which would specifically bring to fore the issues the girl child faces and generate funds for the same.

Problem Statement:
‘Champion a fundraising campaign for cause of the girl child amongst youth from mini-metros with limited resources.’
In the movement to change the…...

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