Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies

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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies

Introduction to Graduate Study in Criminal Justice & Security AJA 501 University of Phoenix September 22, 2014


There are many benefits of going back to school. As for me, the challenge of returning to school brings me the delight of learning and the experience of something new every day. My years in the workforce have prepared me for dealing with different situations and many different types of people. Going back to school affords me personal growth. I have found out that many people lose sight of who they are after so many years on the job, and also lose sight while trying to balance family life.
Going back to school is a chance for me to reconnect with myself. In addition, deciding to pursue my graduate studies is a necessary step to greater pay and career advancement. I don't want to be underemployed or stuck in a job below my skill set. Another reason I am pursuing my graduate studies is in hopes of obtaining a fulfilling position in criminal justice that will also help me meet my financial and family obligations.
Enrolling is my prime opportunity to explore, find new passions and even new interests.
I realize school is a great big time commitment. The first challenge I face is balancing school and family life responsibilities. Time must be set aside to prepare for class, type essays, and complete homework assignments. I am still employed full-time and often work over time, and still must make time for my family. I have arrived for work late and missed more meetings…...

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