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Using material from item A and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations for the types and patterns of green crime.

Green crime is environmental crime of which rapidly increased with the enlightenment, and as ITEM A SUGGESTS 'IT IS AN INEVITABLE PART OF LATE MODERN
SOCIETY'. Green crime has a unique nature due to the fact the world is divided into nation states and therefore green crime is hard to prosecute as we all have separate jurisdiction.
For example, one nation state can damage and interconnected eco state with the form of acid rain pollution. BECK argues that in late modernity (our post-modern society) we can now provide adequate resources- however this allows manufactured risks to also develop such as Greenhouse gases from the productivity. MESSNER AND ROSENFIELD would suggest that the reason these manufactured risks develop is due to our capitalist 'Dog eat dog' attitude, we live in a consumerist postmodern society and therefore want more technological developments which produce green crime.

BROKEN, SOME DO NOT CONSIDER IT TO BE A CRIME'. He presents two different attitudes towards the 'harm' that green crime creates. Anthropocentric harm is a human centred view of environmental crime. This is generally adopted by he nation states and transnational corporations who assume that humans have the right to dominate the natural environment. This implies that the damage is not a crime, or even a deviant action as humans believe they have the right to partake in productivity, whether there are manufactured risks or not. Ecocentric harm on the other hand sees humans and their environment as inter-dependent and that environmental harm hurts humans as well. Green criminologists would generally adopt this view as their basis for judging environmental harm, implying that…...

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