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Prepared for THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PEACE, VIOLENCE, AND CONFLICT, 2nd ed., (Academic Press, expected 2008).

Hate Crimes
Jack Levin and Jack McDevitt Northeastern University I. Legal Distinctions II. Hate Crimes and Prejudice III. Why Treat Hate Crimes Differently? IV. Problems in Collecting Hate Crime Data V. Types of Hate Crimes VI. Organized Hate Groups VII. VIII. Are Hate Crimes on the Rise? Responses to Hate crimes

IX. Conclusion GLOSSARY Defensive Hate Crimes Hate offenses aimed against particular “outsiders” who are regarded

as posing a challenge to a perpetrator’s neighborhood, workplace, school, or physical wellbeing. Ethno-violence Acts of hate that do not necessarily rise to the legal standard of a crime, but

contain an element of prejudice.

Hate Crimes (also known as Bias Crimes) Criminal offenses motivated either entirely or in part by the fact or perception that a victim is different from the perpetrator. Mission Hate Crimes Hate offenses committed as an act of “war” against any and all

members of a particular group of people. Modern Racism victim. Prejudice A negative attitude toward individuals based on their perceived group Subtle and institutionalized forms of bigotry based on the race of the

membership. Retaliatory Hate Crimes terrorism. Thrill Hate Crimes Hate offenses typically committed by youngsters who are motivated by Hate offenses designed to get even for hate crimes or acts of

the desire for excitement.

HATE CRIMES are criminal offenses motivated either entirely or in part by the fact or perception that a victim is different from the perpetrator. As used by the FBI and a number of other law enforcement agencies across the United States, this definition has three important elements that have been widely accepted: first, it involves actions that have already been defined as illegal in state or federal statutes. Thus,…...

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