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"A Grave Distraction of Life"

I - Introduction As our professor gave us the topic we will research about, it seems like we are given an opportunity to know the reasons, consequences and other possible things why some other women choose to do it instead of doing the right things and is abortion an immoral or moral ?. It challenges us and it makes us eager to know more about the so-called "Abortion". Before we started to do the research, we talked and shared our thoughts and little knowledge about abortion and somehow it helps and motivates us to continue studying it. As we go through, we think that it’s easy and enough to just write down all the information we have by ourselves and just simply rely it to the internet and copy but were wrong it’s very difficult because the information that we have are not really the definition but rather a common meaning of abortion, we need to understand every unfamiliar word we encounter and read other references. Despite of all circumstances, we are able to discover, learn and realize a lot of things. Abortion is really a grave distraction of life it can ruin not just our sole life but also those people who are concern and love us unconditionally, it will never be a solution to a problem but rather you are making a mortal sin and it makes the situation more complicated. Abortion is also called the termination of pregnancy it is the expulsion of human fetus or innocent person.
It is one of the most common problems in this world. Some woman are trying to decide if abortion is really the right choice for them and they probably think many things about it and some woman really do it without thinking if how it will affect their future lives. There are two type of abortion the Induced and spontaneous. When you are going to do the abortion there are two methods the medical abortion which is taking pills or medicines to cause…...

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