Guns in Schools

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Guns in Schools

With the number of mass school shootings and incidents of violence in schools that have been reported since April 20, 1999; the public is crying out for stricter laws to help protect our children. In direct response to the Columbine High School shooting, schools across the country adopted a variety of “safety” measures that included mandatory uniforms to prevent the wearing of gang colors and allowing faculty to more readily identify intruders, installation of metal detectors and security cameras, ID badges to be worn at all times, and the increased presence of armed guards on campuses. While these measures are all intended to protect our children the fact that we are still experiencing violence in our schools say that these measures are not enough.

While metal detectors and armed guards in our schools are a step in the right direction, not all school districts can afford to employ them. Palmer ISD, in Palmer, Texas, with its school population of 1,100 students is approaching this dilemma by allowing a select few teachers and staff to be trained and cleared to carry concealed weapons. Only Kevin Noack, school superintendent, and the local Police Department will know who is carrying. (pp3) This policy will go into effect as early as this coming school year. With children being our greatest hope for the future, I support training and arming our teachers to protect this precious resource.

Schools are generally viewed by terrorists as soft targets, as there is seldom anyone to challenge the shooters. If all of our schools would start training and arming staff members, and publicize these facts, they would no longer be considered soft targets. “The massacres at Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbine, Virginia Tech and the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, all took place in gun-free zones.”(Bennett, W. 12.19.2012)…...

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