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Gyan Sangam meaning Knowledge Confluence was a two-day retreat for banks and financial institutions which was held in Pune, to address a key issue that has plagued Indian public sector banks, the gap in performance between themselves and their private sector counterparts. It was attended by the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Reserve Bank Governor.
“There is disparity in private sector banks and PSBs. It is in this context that we need to rethink the strategy in PSBs and that is why we have come to this conclave.

Facts about Gyan Sangam
1) Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and top financial experts will also be interacting with the bankers at the retreat.
2) The retreat is being organised to find out "what has gone wrong and what should be done both by banks as well as by the government to improve and consolidate the position of PSBs (public sector banks)".
3) Asset quality & recovery: The increase in bad debts of banks has been a big worry for the government. Total stressed asset in banks rose up to 10.7 per cent of assets as of September 2014, according to RBI data. Analysts say that the load of bad debts is affecting the banks' ability to lend and it might impact the economic recovery process. The bankers also want inadequacies in legal system to be resolved to help the loan recovery process.
4) Financial inclusion: The bankers would be deliberating on financial inclusion, which has been a focus area of the government. Under Jan Dhan Yojana, banks have opened close to 100 million accounts but 75 per cent of those accounts have no balance.
5) Banking restructuring and consolidation: The government needs to infuse as much as Rs 2.4 lakh crore into state-owned banks by end-March 2019 to meet different kinds of capital requirements, the RBI has said. Bankers would be looking for ways to generate more internal…...

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