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Citizen Kane “…If I hadn’t been very rich, I might have been a really great man.” Citizen Kane is the story of a life filled with regret, broken friendships, and a tarnished political career. He led a powerful yet empty life, constantly yearning for love and fulfillment. As time progressed, he grew in popularity and influence and sought infinite power. His objective was to manipulate the news and influence the future thru his newspaper. We see him throughout the film desperately seeking to fill the empty void he feels in his day to day life. But how did he get to that point? An abundance of money and an established career as an influential newspaper magnet eventually left him alone and miserable. When Mr. Thatcher takes Kane from his mother and father to give him an eastern education, his life hits a crossroad. No longer is he surrounded with love, rather, his life becomes solely about wealth. It is this foundation, money, which he builds his life moving forward. Since he was never surrounded with family, he knew no moral or ethical boundaries. “Rosebud” signified his lost childhood. When Kane came into his fortune at 25, he did not have the judgment with which to make sound business decisions. He had no fear of failure or retribution. He knew his fortune was waiting for him and he knew that whatever he did, the power he would acquire would save him. When questioned by…...

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...Student ID#: 285 Firm: Hampton Machine Tool Company Nature of business: Machine Tool Manufacturing Overview Hampton Machine Tool Company was founded in 1915 and experienced record production and profitability throughout the years despite hard economic times for the machine manufacturing business. Sales declined throughout the mid 1970’s from the post Vietnam War demand, the declining automobile industry in St. Louis, and the gas embargo of the early 1970’s. Hampton did eventually recover due to an increase in military sales, the automobile industry rising, an overall improvement in the economy. Hampton is looking to take out a line of credit of $1,000,000 and an additional loan of $350,000 to purchase equipment, and an extend payment an additional three months to December 1979. Suppliers have hampered Hampton’s sales with late deliveries of machine parts. Because of this, Hampton is unable to pay its loan on time, which is due in September. Marketing Hampton Machine has bolstered its sales but is, unfortunately, not able to keep up with demand. This can be attributed once again to supply chain problems. The company currently has unfilled orders of $16,500,000 as of August 31. This accounts for 90% of its forecasted sales and the company is in desperate need to fill these orders by December so as to avoid disappointing its customers or sending a signal to the market that the company has severe management problems. Operations This company could possibly......

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