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Table of Contents
Overview of Foodcorp and Management Simulations..………….
Foodcorp Organizational Chart ……..…………………………....
Foodcorp Annual Report………………………………………….
Possible Business Week Reporter Visit…………………………..
Retaining the New York Consulting Group……………………...
Comparison Data of Leading Food Companies………………….
New Channels of Distribution……………………………………
Highlights of Presentation to International
Society of Industry Analysts ……..………..….…………..
Financial and Market Data……….………………………………
Product, Plant, and Warehouse Update...………………………..
Portfolio Planning Matrix………………………………………...
Demographic and Market Analysis (Domestic and International).
Operating Group’s Organizational Structure……….…………….
Task Force Recommendations…………………………………….
Results of Customer Service Study……………………………….
International Operations………………………………………….
Foodcorp SPOT Analysis………………………………………….
Personal SPOT Analysis…………………………………………..


Overview of Foodcorp and Management Simulations

Foodcorp International is a hands-on behavioral simulation that is run in teams. Participation involves an intensive, interactive experience which differs dramatically from other educational methods. The emphasis is on experiential learning through doing.
Foodcorp International simulates the actual situations that senior-level managers experience in their work roles in a large multi-national company. In their roles, students must manage the complex and often competing areas that involve all aspects of business including Marketing,
Finance, Human…...

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