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Car Seat Safety
Teresita Pine
Grand Canyon University NRS-434V
Kami Purdy
December 14, 2014

Car Seat Safety Juana Ruiz Hernandez a patron of Santa Clara church in Oxnard California, is a mother of 3 now, delivered her 3rd baby a little girl, one month ago. She works in a lemon packing factory, with an 8th grade education. Mrs. Hernandez reported that she speaks and understands English well.
This paper will describe the teaching and learning that transpired between this author and Mrs. Hernandez. After the proper introductions were made, Mrs. Hernandez was handed a pamphlet regarding Car Seat Safety. Mrs. Hernandez was asked about whether she had just purchased a car seat that she is using now for her new born. Mrs. Hernandez reports that the car seat that she has right now was a used one from a relative because her second child is still using an infant car seat (J. Hernandez, personal communication December 13, 2014). When enquired if she has the directions to the installation of the manufacture she stated she didn’t (J, Hernandez, personal communication December 13, 2014). Upon assessing the car seat that is in use for the infant, this author noted the straps to appear worn out. This author then informed Mrs. Hernandez that according to SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A recommends sticking with car seats that are ideally less than five years old and definitely less than ten years old (BabyCenter 2014). While this author was presenting the pamphlet to Mrs. Hernandez, she was directed to read the Car Seat Safety in particular in order to be familiar with the current information on Car Seat Safety, including the appropriate size car seats of different ages.
Next, Mrs. Hernandez was asked to demonstrate how she places her infant car seat in her vehicle, because she didn’t have the directions to the used car seat that she received from a relative that she now…...

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