How Can a Manager Turn Dynamic Around?

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Jasmin Cisneros
Organizational Theory
Week 3 Reflection
How can a manager turn that dynamic around? This may sound like a difficult questions and may seem very difficult to do. It really isn’t. A manager must know his employees and understand what it really is that they are looking for. For most employees, they want to feel valued, trust, and overall respected for the work that they do.
In my opinion, it all begins in the leadership skills that a manager has. A good manager knows when and how to delegate, motivate his employees, and gives them the respect and recognition that they deserve. Many time employees feel as if they don’t have a true purpose and that their work is very insignificant. This enables employees to slack off and not care about the quality of their work. Working with managers that don’t know how to delegate is very hard to do. In one of my previous positions, the manager at the time took over all the important and difficult duties even if they weren’t under her job description. She delegated other duties to us and ultimately we felt very demeaning. As employees, we didn’t care to come to work and produce quality work. We had no motivation to get anything done and we were constantly upset with the decisions made by the manager. This didn’t help the dynamic in our department.
Communication is key when trying to turn the dynamic around. Managers should consider the thoughts and feelings of all their employees. Surveys and questionnaires and other forms of feedback can sometimes be very useful in trying to decide the main focus of change. If surveys and questionnaires are being used to gain feedback, they should also be used in the movement of change. The manager mentioned earlier conducted a survey to review what changes should occur in our department. We then had a meeting to discuss this as a group and determine how to proceed with the changes…...

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