How Does Martin Amis Subvert Morality in Time's Arrow

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How does Amis subvert morality in chapter 2
Morality is the distinction between right and wrong. It is the determination of what should be done and what should not be done. Morals deal with behaviours as well as motives. Tod's morality is questioned when polar opposition is reverded for example good is evil, wrong is right and guilt is innocence. Amis does this to make the reader question on their views on morality and describe what is seen to be wrong or evil to them as something good and innocence. This links to the how Amis describes the holocaust as an ironic and humorous thing to ridicule the nazi ideology and how it was ironic as the they set out to create the perfect race and make the Germany a better place by committing genocide because in their eyes they went against their idea of the perfect race, and doing this meant exterminating millions of jews and were doing the right thing.
Amis explores the theme of morality through his use of temporal inversion as this allows him to reverse ideas of morality. In chapter 2 he reverses ideas of right and wrong. We can see this when he discusses the rape of women in the ‘crisis centres’ describing the perpetrator as “the men who suddenly heal them”. The word ‘heal’ implies that the men are heroes and take them away from a life of sadness which is problematic for a reader as it reverses the idea of right and wrong as it describes the men as the innocence and sinless and the women as weak and fragile. Also it says how “there's nothing wrong with them..that's a good six inches won't cure” this descibes women in a derogative way and all they need is sex and their problems would just go away. Amis could be doing this to mirror the German ideology during the holocaust ,as Nazis argued that they were killing Jews for the right reason. The reader would think this to be wrong and how killing millions of people would never be…...

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