How to Bathe Your Dog

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Demonstration Speech Outline
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how to bathe a dog properly.
Central Idea: The four main areas of bathing a canine are gathering the material, arranging the bathing area, bathing the dog, and drying the dog. I. Introduction
Attention grabber: I would like to start my speech today by sharing a story with you guys about one of my dogs. Last February was the first time I had ever bought a dog that I could call my very own. I was so excited to have my new puppy, but what I did not realize was the work that came along with a new puppy. My new puppy loved to find every mud puddle to roll in and every dirt hole to dig in so my puppy was never clean! The very first time I gave him a bath, I had no idea what I was doing. There was water going everywhere, my clothes were soaked, and the puppy was not happy! Therefore, I want to keep you all from making the same mistake that I did.
Purpose statement: So, today I will demonstrate how to bathe your dog properly.
Gain for audience: There are a few reasons why you should bathe your own dog. First, bathing your own dog will save you money, allow you to develop a stronger bond with your furry friend, and reduce your dog’s stress.
Credibility: I am able to speak to you today about this topic because I own two dogs that I bathe myself and I have heavily researched the topic.
Preview statement: So I would like to begin this demonstration by showing you the materials you will need to bathe your dog; then, I will go through the process of how to bathe your dog. II. Body A. The first step is to acquire all of the materials you will need to bath your dog and prep the bathing area. a. Materials 1. Towels 2. Shampoo a. As the Dr. Foster and Smith website put it, “you should never use regular…...

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