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There are eight essential components you will require for the construction of a "fatty five skin". These are.... firstly you will need to acquire 5 of the finest rolling papers, you will then have to construct your standard three skin setup, but then (and here's the twist) you proceed to gummy your next two skins. You may want to make a "super doint" by either putting an L on it (adding an extra skin to the end to make it that little bit longer) or making a similar five skin setup and make it a caribbean by sticking the two setups together side by side so it's double width (and then put and L on it to make it that little bit longer again).
Next you will need the finest green card to make your gargantuan rocket roach. This is no ordinary roach. This kind of roach can be made out many household objects that may be just knocking around, for example, train tickets, footy tickets, the top of your skin packet (this is the most common). If your roach appears to be too wide and you fear the risk of "shooters" (bits of baccy flying through the roach and in to your airways) then do not be afraid to make a thinner roach to post inside your original roach. This will prevent any frisky shooter being capable of moving and you will feel a strong sense of satisfaction knowing that you showed that shooter who's boss.
Now if you ever find yourself trying to roll the perfect 5 skin but you are outside then this is not a one man job. You will need your boiz. One to table your joint in the safest and most caring manner imaginable. Two to provide a wind shelter and a third to fag it. To decide who is the unfortunate "tabler" you may want to draw straws or "bing bong" it.
Now you're almost ready to go. You will need to have an even spread of the finest amber leaf tobacco in your setup, no ciggys, you're having the perfect 5 skin... This comes in two layers. Fisrtly, the bottom layer…...

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