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Week 1 Check Point: Program Planning Terminology

Hi Brea! How are you?? As for me I am doing awesome!! I have some very exciting news to share with you! Remember that position that I was telling you about the last time I saw you, it was the Program Manager position at the Child Care Resource Agency that you encouraged me to apply at well I finally got that interview, so now I am proud to says that I am the new Program Manager for that agency. I am so excited for this new journey because this agency has so much to offer and I am finally there to be a part of it. This program provides so much for low income families with assisting with childcare and also provides early child education and development which is also known as Head Start. Head Start provides children that with an opportunity that they would not otherwise have the chance to have if the program did not exist. This program evaluates the problems and the needs assessment in the community. The theory that they have in place for the program is very effective which will help these families and the community as well to have a solid foundation. The evaluative research is bound to provide such great outcomes for the program, their descriptive research will provide such a great standard for the service delivery model. Sorry for all the excitement but knowing how effective the new inputs of the structure and outputs for the new service for the community I cannot help but express how excited I am!! Thank you for the support and believing in me with that I would have probably never applied and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you and I hope we can celebrate sometime…...

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...HSM/220 Check Point Wk 1 Ten characteristics necessary for an effective leader are: 1. Vision *(Knowledge) 2. Ability to motivate *(Value) 3. Efficiency *(Knowledge) 4. Organization *(Knowledge) 5. Control *(Knowledge) 6. Ability to plan *(Knowledge) 7. Positive attitude *(Value) 8. Sense perspective *(Value) 9. Respect *(Value) 10. Trust *(Value) I believe that a manager is very important for many different reasons. All of the characteristics that I listed above will help a company. First it is important to have a personal vision in order to motivate others to work for you and your company. When the vision is to be at the top, you need to have a plan and be very organized. All of your employees need you to help them do their jobs correctly, so a manager has to always be sure that there is a plan to help their employees and help them be successful within the company. Since managers have a lot of responsibilities and not very much time but they need also be efficient. Managers tend to have very little time, and so it is important that they keep their time organized and do as much as they can in the small amount of time that they have. Control is something that is important to many managers, because no one can keep an entire company running if they cannot control what is happening within the company. Someone always has to be in control and it should be the manager otherwise, complete chaos can and will happen. Good managers also keep a sense of understanding...

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