Human Resource Management Overview

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Human Resource Management Overview
In 1833, Human Resources started out at factories where individuals were inspectors called Industrial Welfare workers. These inspectors regulated 60-hour workweeks over children and women. In this day, Human Resource Management in organizations is the process of hiring and developing employees so that individuals become more valuable to organizations. HR departments have three major areas that they cover. Transactional work such as payroll, employee benefits, insurance, and retirement plans is the first. Tactical work is HR developing solutions that benefit the employee work groups. Last Strategic work benefits the organization as a whole such as evaluating the organization where it stands, to deciding where the organization wants to be in the future, and ending with developing a plan to reach those goals.
Primary Functions
There are four basic functions in Human Resource Management; staffing, training and development, motivation, and maintenance. The first being staffing means hiring individuals for needed positions. There are steps to take for staffing which include strategic human resource planning, recruiting, and selection. This involves bringing new people into the business and making sure they are productive additions to the enterprise (Huntley & Kleiner 2005) For example, before I was hired there was one open position for the accounting department at my work. Two of us that were considered for that one position, but both of us were hired on since they also did need a person to cover the front desk. The other person had more experience and knowledge it seemed, so she was put as the main person for that position that was needed. I was an assistant in the accounting department completing basic tasks, and covering the front desk. It so happened that it did not work out with the other person and found out that I…...

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