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eference is likely to be made to changes in the dominant processes – from vertical erosion nearer the source to lateral erosion becoming more dominant lower down. Deposition may also be referred to here. There should be understanding of these, why they are dominant in different sections and the impact they have on the valley cross profile. Reference to reasons for this relating to graded profile, the effect of height/gravity in connection with potential energy and the impact of increasing discharge on kinetic energy are valid here. May refer to meander migration in connection with widening the valley.
May refer to other factors, such as geology, rejuvenation, glaciation, mass movement, quarries.
Level 1 (1-4 marks)
Is aware of the changing processes responsible.
Begins to explain – in the context of erosion/deposition processes. Some use of appropriate terminology present at the higher end.
Level 2 (5-7 marks)
Processes responsible are linked clearly to changing shape. Explanation is developed, with reference to underlying reasons – changes in energy, links to graded profile/base level. Appropriate geographical terminology is used.
(4 marks)
AO1–1 AO2–1 AO3–2
1 (a) (ii)
1 (b)
(4 marks)
AO1–1 AO2–1 AO3–2
(7 marks)
AO1 – 4 AO2 - 3
Geography 2030 - AQA A Level Mark Scheme 2010 June series
Section A Question 1
Geography 2030 - AQA A Level Mark Scheme 2010 June series
1 (c)
Content will depend on case studies used. Flooding may be defined within the answer. There should be clear reference to both economic (those relating to monetary issues – in its broadest sense) and social (those relating to people – their well-being, health). Examples likely to refer to UK, Bangladesh.
Economic likely to refer to costs to homeowners, insurance payments, impact on businesses, crops, costs of organising help – to council, government, aid agencies, those…...

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