Impact of Job Satisfaction on Business Productivity

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Impact of Job Satisfaction on Business Productivity

Table of Contents Chapter 1: Breadth Component 3 Conceptual Framework of Employee Engagement in Organizations 4 The Theory of Values: Employee Personal Values, and Business Values 4 Three-Dimensional Approach of Organizational Commitment 6 Summary 7 Chapter 2 - Depth Component 8 Person-Job Fit 8 Person-Organization Fit 9 Relationship between Person-Job Fit, Person-Organization Fit, and Work Engagement 10 Conclusions 12 Chapter 3- Application Component 13 Chapter 4- Initiative 16 References 20 Certification Statement 25

Chapter 1: Breadth Component
Employee relations covers all types of interactions among employees such as union efforts, interpersonal, and group relationships. The purpose of employment relations it to deal with the employees that are employed by the companies and the issues arising from their employment. Acquiring, developing, maintaining, and motivating staff are all aspects that are covered by the employment relations area. Employment relations are necessary as the employee is the most important part of a business and any troubles that affect employees do affect the business as well.
Since the end of 2008 the economic downturn has affected many countries and it has aggravated the crisis of confidence towards the institutions and also in the field of business. Employees have been seeking their trust and, therefore, their commitment to more solid and stable companies (Cohen, 2009, p. 341). Many entrepreneurs, executives, and academics arise frequently how to increase the level of commitment of their employees. This research intends to provide light to two basic questions: in one side, for a better understanding of employee commitment the question would be: what is a commitment and how many types of commitment exist? In the other side, with the purpose of…...

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