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Rehearsal must be considered in plan implementation because you have to make sure you practice your plan to see if it is planned out enough and to see if it will work. You should always rehearse a plan before making it official so you can weed out any mistakes or bad ideas. Maintenance must be considered in plan implementation because if you have any errors, you need a way to fix them quickly. Just like buying a used car, you need maintenance every once in a while to fix things that aren’t working right. Benchmarking must be considered in plan implementation because you should always evaluate your plan for mistakes and make sure it is as good as other plans. It’s all about competition in this world, and if your plan isn’t as good as others, you will have some problems in your business. If your plan doesn’t pass the test, it will not work and needs to be fixed. Assurance and Audit must be considered in plan implementation because it helps to assure that your plan can be fixed and molded into the best plan it can be. All of the errors are removed to perfect the plan with assurance audit. Not only is it a good idea to make sure others within the company inspect your plan for a second opinion, but it is also a good idea that you also inspect your plan personally also. You are the one that created it and you are the one that knows what’s best for it and what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Reference: Graham, J & Kaye, D. (2006). Risk management approach to business continuity: Aligning business continuity with corporate governance. Connecticut.…...

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