Importance of Business Communication for Better Management

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Importance of business communication for a better management
The modern-day business world is very competitive and full of innovations. For an organization to survive the competition has to be very alert and effective. A firm must make a potential business planning and should make sure that it is capable of conveying its strategies to its employees, shareholders and ultimately to the customers. It is here, where an effective communication system becomes the backbone of an organization. A proper communication system is of paramount importance for an organization as it manages the internal as well as the external management system of an organization. An effective communication also helps to manage changes in an organization.

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Communication is a process of transfer of information from a sender to a receiver through a proper channel.
Types of communication:
Verbal: The sharing of information between individuals by using speech. Individuals working within a business need to effectively use verbal communication that employs readily understood spoken words, as well as ensuring that the enunciation, stress and tone of voice with which the words are expressed is appropriate.

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Written or oral use of words to communicate
• Non-verbal:

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The term business communication is used for all messages that we send and receive for official purpose like running a business, managing an organization, conducting the formal affairs of a voluntary organization and so…...

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