‘in His Defence Speech, Euphiletus Presents Himself as Both a Good Husband and a Good Citizen.’ to What Extent Do You Agree? Give the Reasons for Your Views and Support Them with Details from the Speech (10 Marks)

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According to 5/4th century norms and values, Euphiletus presents himself as a both to a good husband and good citizen up to a point where it was considered he made mistakes which lead to Eratosthenes seducing his young wife.

Firstly, Euphiletus presented himself as a good husband from the very start of their marriage, where he didn’t want to ‘annoy her’ so he had left her to herself however he ‘kept an eye on her,’ so she was unable to ‘have her own way’. This showed the Euphiletus was caring, treating her to standard expected behaviour in 5/4th century Athens by allowing her to settle down but also keeping her in her place. Secondly, Euphiletus explains how he had trusted his after the birth of their first child by showing affection by putting her in charge of his property and later Euphiletus describes as her as the best of women. This presents him as good husband as he judges her to be good at running the female counterpart of the Oikos, which in turn presents Euphiletus as a good husband as he’s making sure his Oikos is running correctly . This also presents him as a good citizen as running a good Oikos shows that Athens is also good. However, Euphiletus does present himself as a flawed husband by having no suspicions about her chastity, tolerating her locking him in a room, and wearing makeup after the death of her brother. All these imply he was too trusting which lead her to being succumbed to Eratosthenes's wishes.

Also, Euphiletus also presents himself as good citizen. From the account Euphiletus gives, one can see that he must have belonged to a higher social class in Athens. He mentions that his house is made up of two floors, with the women residing on the top floor and the men on the bottom. The family must have been fairly well off to have the servants and maids Euphiletus mentions in his story, as well as the loyal friends willing to come…...

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