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QUESTION: Innovate or die. Explore the central role played by innovation in achieving sustainability and competitiveness of Zimbabwe’s hospitality and tourism sector.

Innovate or die. Explore the central role played by innovation in achieving sustainability and competitiveness of Zimbabwe’s hospitality and tourism sector.
Innovation is a new idea, more effective device or process. It is an inbred human quality that has ensured mankind survives the harsh reality of the world that he lives in and thrives despite all the negatives and challenges of his existence. According to the latest statistics from World Economic Forum (2015) Zimbabwe was ranked 115 out of 141 countries in terms of travel and tourism competitiveness. Without innovation Zimbabwe could easily sink further in the rankings. New idea injection and implementation is of an urgent need in Zimbabwe at the moment in order for it to compete both regionally and internationally. Innovation in sustainable tourism practices is a double edged sword in this endevour as well in that it tackles the issue of damage to the environment at the same cutting operational costs in a number of ways.
The Zimbabwe Tourism…...

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